Monday, September 20, 2010

Sometimes, Life Gets in the Way....

Three weeks into my 90 day plan, I spent a week's holiday in the Peak District. It was a great holiday, full of wonderful memories.

Within a day of my return to work, I'd caught the office lurgy - a nasty bronchial cold that left me as lethargic as an unfed three-toed sloth and as weak as a month-old kitten.

So, Kleeneze work ground to a halt, effectively. Not good.

Then, just as my health improved, I was hit with an emotional kidney punch that left me psychologically wounded.

I've spent the past week licking my wounds, grieving and taking a long look at how I perceive myself, how others perceive me and, most important of all, just why I'm doing network marketing.

I've been justifying the initial effort by focussing on the benefits for my children. Realistically, my children are of an age to manage their own lives to an increasing degree, which means that my original justification is no longer enough. After all, if my reason for working with Kleeneze was "to buy a new washing machine", what would be my new reason once I'd got the latest Indesit?

I am doing this to benefit myself and I needed to learn that self-focus does not equal selfish.

I've wasted 4 weeks due to holiday, illness and family crises. That won't happen again. This is a business and I need to treat it as such.

I have my focus, I have my goals and I have a renewed belief that I can achieve those goals.

Now I need to create the new 90 day plan, get back in the routine and get things done.