Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Einstein's Insanity Definition vs Duplication

A much touted Einstein quote is:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.

In Network Marketing/MLM, we get told to make sure that our systems and processes are duplicatable. Millions of internet pages, thousands of magazine articles, hundreds of thousands of books - all telling us to allow our downlines to duplicate our behaviour.

We need a sanity check here, not to mention a reality check.

Duplicating your upline's behaviour only works if that behaviour breed success. Otherwise, you're just duplicating failure and that's insane.

Expecting your downline to duplicate your behaviour and systems only works if you yourself stick to the following mantra:

Focused, persistent and consistent action generates success

Focused - because splitting your attention between a portfolio of businesses rarely works and is never duplicatable. Without targetted goals and a plan to achieve them, you will fail.

Persistent - because nothing worthwhile is ever achieved if you only work at it sporadically. You don't become a champion swimmer by occasionally dipping your toe in the jacuzzi.

Consistent - because you only build trust in others if your behaviour or systems are known and understood. Being unusual, unpredicatable or just plain unreliable is no use in business. It's not that much use in creative matters either, despite the claims of many.

Action - because having the greatest attitude, plans and mindset in the universe is no use at all if you do nothing to advance towards your goals.

Nike got it right with their "Just Do It" campaign. When all is said and done, you only succeed by just doing the work, regardless of weather, personal issues and negative comments from well-meaning friends.

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