Monday, April 11, 2011

What's The Point?

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks or months where you struggle to survive your daily routine? When the thought of doing one tiny little thing more fills you with dread, to the point where you just want to shut out the world? Where playing Solitaire on the computer is infinitely more preferable that the whole slew of tasks that are piling up, demanding attention?

Have you ever just asked yourself, "What is the point of trying any more?"

The real question is, What do you do or think next?

Do you decide to stop striving for a better future, one that allows you to be everything you are capable of, just because you're not achieving your goals quickly and easily?

Or do you recognise that you could do more, or do what you are doing differently, in order to move forward?

Climbing a mountain is a slow and laborious process, but the effort is worth it for the views at the top. Find another path towards the top of your mountain and look forward to what's waiting for you at the end of that journey.

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