Monday, May 23, 2011

No Rapture? No Problem!

I feel sorry for Harold Camping and his followers - not only has the Rapture turned into a damp squib with the Grimsvotn volcano the only indication of the Tribulation, but there's a plethora of mugs, T-shirts, mousemats and bumper stickers all poking fun at the whole concept.

The problem is that Camping's pronouncement that the end of the world is nigh was just another "Get Rich Quick" scheme. The holy were going to be instantaneously transported to Heaven, presumably passing GO and collecting their £200 as they went. The rest of us were doomed; we weren't the Chosen Ones. People who should have known better spent their life-savings on advertisements, post-Rapture pet care schemes, etc., just to make sure they were in with a chance to win the ultimate lottery.

What these people forgot is that there's no reward unless you put the hard work in first.

Consider good drivers - they weren't excellent and safe drivers the second they passed their driving test; they didn't become excellent thanks to a lucky dip prize. They built up their skills with hundreds, if not thousands of hours of repetitive practice. Surely the journey to Heaven takes the same repetitive practice, or am I missing something?

Isn't it time that we all stopped buying in to what I refer to as the Queen mentality (that's the band, not Her Majesty)?

"I want it all and I want it now" makes for a good rock lyric, but it's a really bad way to live your life.

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