Sunday, January 01, 2012

90 Day Plan - Day 1

New Year, New Plan.

Harking back to my post on creating your plan, you should have daily detail, weekly detail, monthly and 90 day overviews.

So you know what you should be doing on day 1.

Go do it.

When you've done each action, get out the associated tracking sheet and track it.

When you get to the end of your day, you need to spend 30 minutes on reviewing the day's activities and preparing tomorrow's to-do list that totals up any additional tasks you need to complete alongside tomorrow's planned activity.

Pin that to-do list on the wall next to your planner.

Now ask yourself:

What am I proud of today? What can I improve on tomorrow?

Write those things down. Place them somewhere prominent - on your desk, next to your wallplanner; wherever you are likely to look and take notice.

Now smile - you've completed the first day of a 90-day plan. Most people don't even get that far!

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